Reliability To Get It Done

Tricky Areas Aren’t a Problem

We custom build scaffolding to reach the most difficult of areas.

Supply & Install

Adelaide Scaffolding Hire deliver, assemble and disassemble all scaffolding equipment, so you can get on with the job!

In House Licensed Scaffolder

We are fully equipped to operate and manage high risk equipment.

On Time Every Time

Our reliability for delivery and pick up times is guaranteed.

Mobile Scaffold Hire

Ideal for builders, sub-contractors or independent projects, these scaffolds are built for durability and versatility, and are able to be moved around easily by the client.

Safety Roof Rails

Ideal for new builds, our rails make it safer for all you roofers, ensuring you will get the work done in a safe manner by having the correct fall protection in place.

Scaffold Hire

These heavy duty load bearing transoms can not easily be moved around, ensuring the structures are rigid and users are fully protected.

Scissor and Boom Lifts

Our scissor and boom lift hire assists builders and maintenance personnel in their mission to get to those hard to reach places.

Our process

All you have to do is call – we take care of the rest! Once your equipment is booked for a particular period, we will deliver and erect all of the equipment and provide you with all necessary safety advice. At the conclusion of your scaffold hire, we will complete disassembly and equipment removal in a prompt manner.

You wouldn’t drive without a seatbelt

1225 road users were killed on Australian roads in 2017.

You wouldn’t ride without a helmet


242 motorcyclists were killed on Australian roads in 2017.

Why work without a scaffold?


14% of work related deaths in 2016 were recorded as being a result of falling from height.

Don’t Risk It

What Keeps You Safe?

Our team are extensively trained and qualified in scaffold management, arming them with the knowledge and experience required for proper installation, maintenance, disassembly, and hazard identification. Scaffold equipment that is installed and maintained correctly works to minimise the risk of falling. However, we do recommend that all users are trained in accessing work at heights, to further guarantee their safety and provide them with necessary equipment knowledge. Let Adelaide Scaffold Hire deliver you a scaffolding solution that is safe, cost effective, and hassle free.

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